Friday, December 11, 2009

Ultraman kept busy

Monsters keep popping out. Ultraman is busy fighting monsters. Die, 富贵们. Die, Bleach. Die, blogspot. Die, traffic jam. Die die die. Diew diew diew.

1. Lottery
My dad kena lottery 2 weeks ago. Although it's just a consolation RM 180, he was so happy and told us the good news. My mum asked him to buy a DVD player with USB connection so that she can watch all her downloaded dramas on TV instead of computer. Guess what? They went out, 3 hours later back with a 32" LG LCD TV, at the price of RM 1800 after discount. What the fuck? Did he kena RM 180 or 1800? After double confirm, my dad failed maths kao kao 'coz the lottery was only RM 180.

2. Tagged
Yin Koon tagged me for my Christmas wish list. Honestly I wasn't excited for Christmas or any celebration. For me everyday is the same. Someone dies. Someone is born. Christmas is no different from the normal days we're going through. Abstractly, I wish I have a better outlook, clear of acne. I know this is impossible that is why I say abstractly. Concretely, I want to replace my 'injured' CRT monitor to an LCD. Can I use the LCD TV as my monitor? Need technical opinion from you.

3. FYP
FYP itself isn't giving me stress but the people around are. The repetitive 'stress' by my comrades which weighted on me for a month, is finally lifted. He happy, they happy, I happy, everyone happy? Hopefully.

4. Fibres
Counted what I had for my meals, I was lacking fibres down my gut. Blame the 'stress'. So dinner for today was big plate of broccoli goreng cauliflower. Few minutes later my tunnel was smoothly cleared!

5. Addiction
Kind of addicted to Mike lately, he is quickly running out. Need to re-stock soon. Trust me, Mike gives good pleasuring skill and I assure you his top-notch service.

6. Love
I believe we've entered into a new phase of relationship. Some say it's the boring phase. I term this stable phase. We still tip off arguments here and there but the big ones are reduced. Less ill-tempered already. We've finally exchanged roles for once. And most importantly I am glad we are still together. But considering the rate of spending, I won't have enough for our anniversary. Suggestion?

Why do I wake up so early to post, you say? Ya just finished fighting a toilet monster. So get ready to check out my 20mM complex has fully dissolved or not.

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