Wednesday, February 24, 2010

And then CNY

As if practical reports are not enough, now this. I hate event-based blogging which is similar to writing report. It restricts my creativity so much, I don't feel to write anymore. But I have to write to keep tract of what I've been up to.

Reunion night
All the time, it is a tradition every family member has to meet in my grandparents' house for reunion, although we meet almost every week. This day is very special because children like me are not allowed to speak in adults' talk. Besides, tv is prohibited. Everyone must stay in the house and 'enjoy' the day. Being distanced from my brother and cousins, I wanted to sleep badly but no bed was prepared. While my cousins brought along their DiGi broadband to SDO in Vaio and branded mini notebooks, I was left with only my phone to endure the night. To make situation worse, Edwin's phone battery died and no way he could recharge it without a charger. Fortunately, few out of the ordinaries, namely Jeff Chuah, Christ Lee and Gregory Wong, were willing to spend their precious time and credit to sms me. Their messages indirectly replaced the boredom and here I would like to thank them for their kindness.

First day
Again it is a tradition to meet everyone in grandparents' house and collect angpao. Yada yada... Few hours later, we watched 大兵小将 in Midvalley. After movie I walked to Isetan just to realize that it was closed while Robinson sold the jockstrap at higher price. Yes jockstrap. I plan to start collecting underwear, though the idea might sound crazy to everyone. Damn why must Isetan closed on this day? We didn't take long to defeat the crowds and traffic, and headed to grandparents' house again to spend the rest of the day. Again I thanks Jeff and Greg for their smses. I will rot if otherwise.

Second day
Headed down to Pavilion with friends for 2 movies consecutively, 锦衣卫 and 花田喜事. Tut Tut, the assassin in 锦衣卫 can use Shihoin Yoruichi's trademark move, Utsusemi! So gaya! While hanging around  Parkson before the movie started, I spotted the same underwear I saw in Isetan. This time with additional 10% discount. Sadly, my wallet wasn't thick enough to purchase it.

Third day
Planned to settle some business in Damansara Damai but realized that no office was going to open on public holiday. All because we were so confused with the dates. As a change of plan, we fixed ourselves impromptu 蘇乞兒 in Pavilion with mother-in-law. Following the movie was a visit to Edwin's aunt's house. Due to some reasons, I don't want to do relative visit with him anymore.

Fourth day
After dropped by Damansara Damai, it's a visit to Edwin's godmum's house. Honestly, so many people and I know none of them. In the end we slipped out the house and lepak in Leisure Mall. I really swear I will never do relative visit with him again. Don't force me. I should have visited Simon, not his relative.

Fifth day
The original plan was to stay at home but a plan is a plan. Sometimes a plan are not meant to be followed. My mum's ass was so itchy she couldn't stay at home. So, we watched 72家租客 in TGV Sunway, and dinner in Ole-Ole Bali. There, gone my only resting day at home during CNY, with her.

Sixth day
Finally, a simple hangout with Edwin, just the 2 of us. Yay! We had 大日子 and Valentine's Day in Pavilion. Almost cried in 大日子. At the time I was about to pay the jockstrap in Parkson Pavilion, I realized. I realized there's few colours available. Blue, red and black but they don't have my favourite white. Haiz...

Including Percy Jackson the day before reunion dinner, count the pictures and that's the sum of movies I watched in a week of CNY. Normal, or a lot? Tiring but the most productive CNY in recent years.

p/s: I am still in holiday mood despite the resume of classes. So angpao via e-banking and pos laju is welcomed.

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