Sunday, February 28, 2010

Last post of February is tagged

It was a rare occasion last Friday that Nicholas finally agreed to meet after months of his reluctance. When Nicholas hinted his initiative, my first response was a big big yes. I think it should be the same to Pikey haha. How could we say no? Metaphorically it is the rise of the sun in the north. My hands are wet and my heart palpitates when meeting new friend. Now to meet 5 other people altogether was... OMG I almost tfk ffk that day. Never had I been to a group meeting but I braced and greeted Pikey, Bernard, Nicholas, William and Cheryl. I must also say that my smile upon greeting was a nervous one. Their comment was "Jino is cool". How true is it? All I did was remain quiet and static. Anyway, thanks Pikey for yong tau foo and thanks Cheryl for the drinks. Thanks to Nicholas for being quiet with me and thanks Bernard for not speaking up too. And thanks William for everything else lol.

To reply Eric's courtesy in tagging me, I would do gladly reveal some facts about myself. Some facts about me which you might already know or have not realized. I don't mind being tagged but to tag others is my least favourite hobby. So if anyone is interested, follow the tag as you please.
  1. I am a DBKL among my friends. The leftover garlic in sayur goreng, the sauce on the plate, ice, bones... I lick almost every plate clean, literally. Most of my friends beh tahan me. It's an old habit and doesn't look nice especially in front of new friends. What I want to stress is I don't waste food.
  2. I hate sea. There was once in Lang Tengah when everyone was snorkeling, the waves sent me far away from everyone, from the ship. And being a non-swimmer, I shouted for help. It was so embarrassing and dangerous that I swear I will not go to pool or sea anymore. Besides, sea is so unpredictable. To that, it claims so many lives even the pro-swimmer. More importantly, I don't have good body to show so swimming is my least favourite sport.
  3. I never deny I am hamsap. I am a pervert. I have high sex drive. I just don't show it. I love sleeping naked and waking up when I am warm and the sheets are cool. Only if I have the chance to do it.
  4. If you are interested to know of why my main email has the name Lenard, I will tell you here. Don't guess, it's not part of my IC. It was because during my driving school lesson in 2005, I thought of getting a cool English name for myself. In the class, there was a lengzai name Lenard, so I took his name and make it mine. After creating the email, only I realized that I should spell Leonard instead of Lenard. However, no one ever calls me by this name.
  5. And then why Jino? This name was accidentally created in the early secondary school. My middle name JINQ on name tag was mistaken as JINO when read from far. At that time everyone was new to the school, so calling out wrong name was understood. This mistake slowly became a disease and spread so fast, everyone calls me Jino and not my real name. I was pissed at first but soon realized that the name can actually cleared many other complications. Therefore the name lasted to now, total up to 11 years.
  6. Then mana datang Ultraman? Let me answer this too. Initially I like Doraemon so much that my friends gave me Doraemon plushies and keychains and poster during my birthday. But during 2008 Valentine's, Edwin gave me my first Ultraman. I asked why and he replied "'Coz you like Ultraman, right?". I was confused but I managed to come out with a reply "Err ya lor". Haha that day onwards I received more Ultraman, thus I transformed from a cat robot to Ultraman.
  7. I have chilli intolerance. Not to the extent that I will lay in hospital when I digest a chilli. I suffer diarrhea from eating chilli. Speaking of diarrhea, I cannot take KFC too. A piece of chicken or burger is enough to increase 5 times my normal toilet visit.
  8. No matter what you guys think about me, you cannot change the fact that I do not believe in God. I respect your religions so please do not question my free-thinking. I can be very sensitive when you try to influence me. And also, I don't like to go temple.
  9. I entered schools which do not offer Chinese class. Therefore I do not have formal Chinese education and that makes me a banana. But I am fortunate that my family speaks Mandarin, my Teochew relatives speak Hakka, my primary school friends speak Malay and Cantonese with me, my VI friends speak English and my uni friends communicate in Mandarin. Thanks to them, I can speak diverse languages, quite fluently if I may say. At several occasions I learn to recognize Chinese characters from song lyrics, especially Rynn's.
  10. I don't fancy alcoholic beverages because I know I have low tolerance of alcohol. I am easily drunk and then start to spit out secrets. Please don't force me drinking.
  11. I don't have a sweet tooth. I hate sweets such as mentos. But if you have sugus, I don't mind having one. Only sugus please. Although I don't like sweet food, desserts are acceptable. As a side note, I don't like snacks. I cannot afford big tummy so I must control my diet!
  12. Edwin likes to countdown. In contrary, I do not like countdown. The main reason is because the place will be overly crowded. I will sweat. Whole body will turn sticky. If the oxygen level drops, I can faint there. My ears cannot take the boom boom blasting sound as my ears are half spoiled already. I really hate countdown not because I don't like to countdown but is because I don't like countdown. Whatever.
  13. I am a poor student. Unlike most people in my age who has already gone working, I am still here studying my degree. That also explains why I am so poor and cannot afford shopping. If there's something I am proud of, it will be my desktop and my camera. I bought them with my hard earn money. Hence, they are my baby no. 1 and no. 4. Imagine I sayang them more than my mum.
  14. Not sure if it's related to my nature or not, but I don't tend to hang around with girls. Maybe because I originated from a boy school when I reached my puberty that causes this. Till now, most of my close friends are male. Hey, boys are cool!
  15. Yesterday was so special that I actually rise to the top for the first in my life. Usually Edwin will make me sink to the bottom. Guess that now versatility should take place XD
  16. I don't fancy drama. Be it Chinese or English dramas, I don't like to sit down for so long and rush all dramas in a night. I am not the type who can sit still and enjoy movie. However, I like watching movies in cinema.
  17. I have bad brain. I am absent minded. Edwin told me he had fried rice for dinner 3 minutes ago. 3 minutes later I asked when will he take his dinner. 10 minutes earlier he said he's in Tesco. 10 minutes later I asked why is his house so noisy. No wonder he's so pissed off  >.<
  18. I can sleep on any bed. So don't invite me to your bed or I will sleep on it. In another word, I am a pig. I love sleeping!
  19. My house has no mirror. I hate toilets with mirror. 'Coz with mirrors around I get to see how ugly I am. And I hate to think that I am ugly although it is an undeniable fact.
  20. I love cold water bath. I bathe minimum 3 times a day. If I have nowhere to go, I bathe 5 times a day. I know I waste a lot of water but with the weather these days, bathing is the only way I cool myself. No doubt cold water is refreshing. You should try it more often.
  21. I am very kiamsiap. 'Coz I am very poor. I can be calculative when it comes to money. I seldom treat anyone so make sure to nod your head when I say I want to belanja you.
  22. I've never been out of Malaysia. The furthest I've been were Layang-Layang, Genting and Langkawi. My first oversea vacation should either be Singapore or Canada. Don't ask why. Instinct.
  23. I bite fingernails. Another old habit of mine. I don't have nice fingers so can you please not look at mine?
  24. Extra: What does it mean by the quote "A man's not a man unless he knows how to shoot"? If you think it's obscene, think about this: If the quote is extracted from Pochahontas, how obscene do you think it can be?
I realized I can be very negative at times. I can be ignorant. But old dog doesn't learn new trick. That's me. Boring facts? Yea I am a boring guy but if you want to know more about me, MSN me la.

[Jino] - A man's not a man unless he knows how to shoot