Saturday, February 6, 2010

CNY and Valentine's

We are distanced for almost a month but it sure felt like a year had passed. There's a saying "in the blink of an eye," this and that happen. But why? After thousand times blinking I am still here and he's there? With that said, I blinked another thousand times and nothing has changed. None of us bugged an inch.

I damn miss the smell.
Miss the touch.
Miss the smile.
Miss the eyes.
Miss the lips.
And not to forget to miss the xxx...

Both of us have a week off from classes and that was so assuring we're gonna meet. But with your packed schedules, it makes me wonder just how long can we spend the time together in that week? 3 days? 2? Or a day?

I cannot be selfish at this moment. You have your responsibility as a son. So do I. Family reunion is a must in CNY. How boring.

However, that rule only applies on the first day of CNY. In another words, I will be free on the 2nd day onwards. /hint: still waiting for anyone to fill up the slots and date me out.

That aside, I still have no plan for Valentine's. He's supposed to take the turn and plan this year. Ain't too sure if he has a plan ahead but hopefully he has none yet. 'Coz my underwear are as old as 2 years old. Do you hear me? Not that I like to wear but as collection, it's a sound idea, isn't it?

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