Thursday, February 18, 2010

Valentine's Day 2010

Quite a lengthy one today. Deal with it.

Part of being a good lover is the ability to take care of every detail meticulously, no matter how trivial it might seem. A good lover does not require so much an extensive as a varied romance. The difference between love and romance is quality and only great men (such as us, or only me?) can afford a simple love. Anyone can be romantic from time to time, but a good lover is something we have to be at all times while taking confident strides.

February 12 2010

The 12th of February was a Friday like no other. While most people were enjoying their back-to-hometown journeys, or sleeping in, some were required to wake up early to witness the great day of romance. It is  an undeniable fact that the romantic season and the day Valentine go hand in hand.

Mind you, you can go crazy just by driving around Midvalley looking for parking these days. While Premier parking in The Gardens offers ample availability, shortened and air-conditioned walkways to the mall, security guards on patrol to watch over the cars, which at the least is 2 thumbs up as compared to Zone A, B C, U, it is compensated by the high parking charges. It can go double or worse, triple than normal. Given choice, we won't want to park in Premier but luck was not on our side as we had no choice. We endured the high rate, hence the new experience T.T

We were next troubled with movie tickets. Theoretically speaking, GSC have lines and lines forming already in the late morning. To pass through will consume too much of time, we definitely had not much. While scratching the head to figure this out, we were greeted by GSC Signature. Unlike other cinemas, this place is quiet and grand outwardly. 60 bucks for Gold Class was out of question, which is why we headed to the Premier counter. Unexpectedly and to my disappointment, Premier Class offers less movie options. We wanted 大日子 so badly but wish not granted. Premier, yet again, that being said means extra charges for extra features. Honestly I wasn't aware of the couple seats in Premier Class till today. Pay more to feel more. See? Yet another new experience.

As for lunch, we were seated in an isolated corner of Sushi Zanmai where we had every chance to feed each other. Not to mention it's a strategic spot for sight-seeing tours of the chef and some lengzai patrons across the tables. The dishes were rated A, if not A+. Do I need to describe how much I like the food here? Hopefully not. Nice experience again, to him. Speaking of Japanese food, Jogoya is rubbish and not worth comparing.

The GSC Signature were wisely designed for couples, if you ask me to comment. Divided into many separated couple seats, the people occupied the seats, in youngs and olds. Being the only couple of the same gender in the hall, we attracted quite an attention ourselves. When Edwin retreated to washroom in the middle of Percy Jackson, there was this particular lengzai who sat behind us I kept looking at. I prefer the guy behind more than Percy. There's no reason to resist a lengzai, right? It's a nature in us. Ouch! Later kena cubit >.<

The outing more or less ended after the movie. Edwin gave me a present - 4 leaf clover. Huh? His ex's favourite, and he gave to me. Hmm... Can anyone teach me how to think properly? Anyway he is better than me - I have nothing for him in return.

Not done yet, the day briefly ended with a dinner with mother-in-law in Pudu, then yumcha with my ex, XB in Wangsa Maju. The night ended with xxx. A great deal of time had passed and all that fun came with a price - lack of sleep.

Sadly this is all I have to share. This year's Valentine was a simple yet undoubtedly momentous. This year was especially special to me since I was not required to come out a single cent out of my wallet.

Last but not least, I shall allow the pictures to do the talking.

Read yourself
One of the lengzai chefs

2 Ocha and Choco Banana Parfait

Toro Salmon, Nama Hotate, Chuka Idako, Inari Kanimayo

 Soft Shell Crab Maki, Negitoro and Salmon Ikura Temaki


Agedashi Tofu

Taken in Zanmai

Taken in Signature

 Valentine present?

Oh yea before I forget. Back in The Gardens there is something I would like to get for myself at the entrance of Isetan Men's Department. Be it a Valentine's or CNY present, a reward is a complete motivation. There's a slim chance I will use it 'coz I don't like it but as a collection it may look kinky ^^. Probably will post in my next post XD.

Happy Valentine's Day to all couples in the world. Worry not. Singles will also receive my hug, literally.

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