Sunday, November 8, 2015

Holidays end too quickly (Part 3)

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Dear FY,

Many years ago I masturbated only once or twice a month. Don't get me wrong. I have the needs all the time but I would rather save the seeds for him. We were in a long distanced relationship, you see. The monogamous relationship existed in my thought for many years. With that in mind, I was quite a loyal one. After that incident, my sex life had changed. The numbers of masturbation increased to daily, or more if I may admit.

Friends are surprised at the frequency I am currently having and said this is too much for my body. They agree that the frequent masturbation hasten aging. Nah, I didn't ask which journal they read that could support their claim. However I leave them in awe haha.

Too much info, I guess. But I think you deserve to know.

23rd October - Inside Scoop
Well, the afternoon was quiet and our conversation echoed in the cafe. I am glad I caught up with him again so soon. Thank you.

24th October - Sushi Zento
Oh again? Yes you are right. He had craving for Japanese sushis that week so I brought him here. We spent a night in my room before I sent him back to where he belongs. He's a good companion.

26th October - Back to work
The department organised an event to show gratitude to the colleagues. They called this Appreciation Day. Obviously, no one informed me that this was coming and I came to work, empty handed. Anyway it is thrilling to see so many goodies on my desk. It's a sign that I am appreciated. Even my bosses say so.

Project 55.5 is a failure in the end.

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