Sunday, November 22, 2015

Project 55.5 - countdown 14 days

Dear FY

I hadn't returned to this place for many years and the place's no longer worth mentioning. The cafe left me good impression when you were around. Now it's a good memory ruined. I couldn't find the rice I had in the menu.

Dear FY,

Time is slipping through fingers like grains of sand. There are much more to prepare and I can't beat the anxiety at the same time. Am I ready? For a week I had been planning and visiting websites to know more about Canada. Is my itinerary overly congested? The "simulation" keeps running in my mind.

This would be the furthest, the longest, the most costly, the coldest and the loneliest among the excursions by far. It's impossible to be calm when every thing is uncertain.

Let's pray that my credit cards work there.

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