Monday, November 16, 2015

Managing At Our Best

We are committed to creating a culture where we all perform at our best. Personally, the 2 days training inspires me a lot to what I really want to do on my daily role and how my presence affects other colleagues. It closely resembles self realisation session to reflect on our aspirations and how much we believe in others when they are at their best.

The first step to a change always begin with self.

One of the tools introduced is 5-whys - it helps to explore deeper to identify the cause of our best environment. It has given me insight of who I can be when I am ok (at my best) and how I can potentially motivate my direct reports to bring out their best qualities.

When we focus on the outcome we tend to risk becoming frustrated and demotivated, which is termed In The Box behavior. Before we are drifted away by these emotions, it would be good to get out of the box quickly. Hence we were introduced the tool Emotion - Truth - Choice (E-T-C). It develops the ability to become more aware of our internal thinking that places us in the box. I think I am good in this 'coz I talk and debate with myself whenever conflicts arise. The choice is clearer when we accept truth about the shitty situation - life is not going to end if shit happens. It appears I am correct.

I shared partial of the Project 55.5 in the training, on how things turned sour to my depression. Then how nasty I was to my colleagues when I couldn't take it. Well, somehow I convinced myself to look at the Project 55.5 at a brighter side. The situation gradually improved, slightly at a time. My heart isn't aching as much. The itinerary is now at day 3. There I stand in the room half-crying, half laughing. I am still a human after all.

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