Saturday, January 2, 2016

Project 55.5 - Part 9

7th December - 11:00 a.m. (PST)
Again the weather is not too pleasant to walk in, mainly because of the rain. I walk towards Waterfront and snap a few photos before heading to Gastown.

Kinda obsessed with clocks. Sinclair Centre.
Waterfront Station houses skytrain and seabus.
Interior of the station.
Angel of Victory is located at the entrance of Waterfront Station.
Canada Place in the day time.
Vancouver Harbour Flight, facing Stanley Park where I spent my day yesterday. The sky is dreadful.
Olympic Cauldron built for 2010 Olympic. It's not lit >.<.
Enough of the shores, I walk further to Gastown.

It's $42.99. The lady says, referring to the photo frame I am holding. It's a pewter frame and I expect nothing less in Gastown. This place is a tourist attractions itself so the price could be unreasonably high. Could be... While deciding, I check the pictures in my phone. Sadly, none of them is considered good to fit into the frame. Things will be different if you are around. Your smile fits in, perfectly. I can imagine that.

The signature attraction in Gastown. The Steam Clock. The needle is inaccurate anyway.
The town is named after this person, Gassy Jack.
The narrow building.
The waiter serves the wrong The Flying Pig Salad and I manage to snap a picture before he takes it away. My Caesar Salad is perfectly creamy. The pork bellies are perfect accompaniment to give this dish some depth. And the chicken cutlet to fill in the rest of the gaps in my stomach.

That aside, I start chatting with a boy from Japanese who's on working holiday visa. There is also a student from Hong Kong whom I find interesting to chat with. Both show interests in meeting this week. Let's see if they are serious about this.

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