Friday, January 1, 2016

Project 55.5 - Part 8

7th December - 6:15 a.m. (PST)
For unknown reason I wake up a tad bit early today. The room feels so warm probably because I shut the window tight last night. Luckily there are plenty of friends awake to chat with. Again time reminds me of the book - Time slips through my fingers like grain of sand. Quietly I crawl around the room to get ready  - fleece, cap, selfie stick and gloves.

No caption for this. Just selfie.
In the Pacific Centre. I think it's pretty.
7.30. The young man at the reception replies. That's the breakfast time.

My stomach doesn't seem to understand that it's too early for breakfast. The nearest food is in 7-11 but I am saving the space for later.

I have better choice else where.
The breakfast isn't very impressive but I don't complain. It lacks variety. Oh, I post it here so the next post don't get overloaded with irrelevant pictures.

Gonna drop the pen now. Let me greet the sun before the city becomes busy again.

6th December - 10:30 p.m. (PST)
It's my fault that I don't pay much attention on food when I do my research at home. Relying purely on online reviews, I decide here as my dinner, only to find disappointment. The texture of the rice is slightly better than the congee I cook at home. Wait... maybe this is how a risotto should be. If I know some locals I will probably get some good recommendations. Unfortunately, not today.

Risotto with generous portion of lobster and overly sweetened hot chocolate rum, Bellagio.
Pacific Centre is nearby so I take the chance to scout around. Apart from the free wifi in every store, inside the mall isn't very impressive. You can find Abercrombie and Hollister here though, and MS goes crazy asking for souvenirs. At the same time I hunt for bras and panties on behalf of my colleague. Damage of the day : 12 panties and 2 bras from La Senza.

No I don't feel shy buying lingerie.

Seeing people with Macbook on the table while sipping their coffees, I want one for myself too. Macbook looks more elegant than regular laptops. My inner self debates while I walk back.

Should I?
Should I not?
Most probably I will.

One of the entrances.
A slice of pizza from 7-11.
The rum takes an hour for the effect to kick in. I can now see double slices of pizza. My throat's burning hot.

Goodnight, FY.

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