Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Close the curtain of 2015

Let's take a break from Project 55.5.

One day you'll leave this world behind
So live a life you will remember.

Go venture far beyond these shores
Don't forsake this life of yours.

It's amazing how a song which did not mean anything originally, has now been hummed continuously. And then from whisper I begin to sing aloud. Alone. With confidence. 'Coz his favourite song has now become mine too.

The feeling starts with pure admiration. He's the person I wanna become in my life. He meets my definition of success. The difference, is that he does not give me hope. I am not saying that you give me hope to begin with. He indirectly made me aware that my feeling should never rise above admiration. You see... I don't want to hurt myself again.

Dear FY,

Now that situation turns sour, honest be told... how should I face you? We have changed. My mind is decaying from my own solitude emotions.

I have lost bii. 
I have lost MS. 
Now I lose you too.

Forgotten? Prioritisation? I begin to know my place. Never in my life have I felt this lost. Obsession led me to think all the time. About you. When I woke up in the morning, when I went to sleep at night. And that went on for seven years.

I didn't like 2015. Hopefully the song will change the way I live. 

The video wraps my 2015:
1) Bii's visit
2) Chinese New Year with my mum
3) Melaka trip to satisfy my lust for food
4) My attempt to make churros
5) Bangkok trip to satisfy my lust for...
6) First house purchase
7) Birthday celebration in Starbucks Genting
8) Kampar and Ipoh trip to satisfy my lust for food...
9) Vancouver trip to meet you
10) Christmas gatherings

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year guys.

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