Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Project 55.5 - Part 4

5th December - 6:45 p.m. (PST)
Despite the long johns, winter shoes and gloves, I still can't feel my legs. It's so evident I have low resistance against cold. While looking at my schedule, I have walked to several places but honestly they're not too attractive in this weather. And I decide to stop for today. Forgive me. This is my first day and I am too cold to move.

Hence it is essential I fuel myself with wine and fats for heat. Wine is a bad move. I feel so tipsy with just a glass.

It's a habit to visit local HSBC when I travel. Hello from Yaletown.
Engine 374 in Yaletown Roundhouse. A quick escape from the rain. The history of the train can be found here.

BC place without lighting so plain.

Pork tenderloin with Mr. Pauly, Hurricane Grill
Alcohol intolerance. True enough. I am never good with alcohol to begin with. I hate drinking. Better start writing before I faint outdoor.

Holding the apple in my hand, I keep texting friends in KL. Yea the wifi is working perfectly.

But I have not heard from you.

5th December - 2:40 p.m. (PST)

After a long deserved shower, I can finally write on my bed. It's a double decker bed in a 8-dorm room. Oh yes I want to relax at a warm cafe at the airport and have a hot chocolate while writing. I forget to do so when I get excited. The moment I step my foot out of arrival hall, I am attracted to the Canada Line. Yes I forget about sim card too.

Walking outdoor in Vancouver is painful in the beginning. With only a wind breaker, a T-shirt and jeans I can barely walk much. My umbrella is blown away. Nasal hair becomes stalactite and stalagmite. My fingers ache during physical contact. My teeth are chattering vigorously. I can't feel my ears. I puff smoke in every breath I exhale. It feels like the longest walk in my life. Most importantly my dick is rock hard while I trail my way to the hostel. Well, I am following a young group of Romanian to the same hostel. One of them looks like Chinese!

While hiding my body in the warm blanket, I can't stop thinking.

No message from you.

I shall wait.

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