Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Project 55.5 - Part 1

5th December - 10:06 a.m. (MYT)
One of the things I have always failed to do is to record the journey and feelings at the precious moments in life. While I am writing this on my flight to Hong Kong, I am amazed by how the author could make the books bestsellers.

While I was reading 'The Time Keeper', I have many reflections that I can relate to myself.

The author says Consider the word "Time".

Be on time...
One last time...
There's no time...

I always misuse these words.

The flight this morning is scheduled at 10:35 a.m.. MS and I reach about 2 hours earlier. As token of gratitude for sending me to the airport I promise to buy him breakfast. We may work in the same department and he sits opposite of me every day, but we hardly have time for each other. After breaking up with him, he is facing some challenges too. So I thought this is a good time to catch up with him.

The staff, Khamilah at check-in counter asks if I can volunteer to board an earlier flight.


MS answers on my behalf. I will reach Hong Kong earlier and taste the air there for a bit longer. That's how MS reasons. I agree. It's good that she asks, even better if she applies rapport building and need discovery before recommending.

Thank you for choosing Cathay.
Have you been to Hong Kong?
An hour transit may seem rush for you?
Would you like to stay in Hong Kong additional hour to have more rest?

Yes I agree to the request and my flight is brought forward to 9:00 a.m.. I have barely 15 minutes to board the flight. Again I am catching my breath to race against time. Feel sorry for MS for the breakfast.

Just a moment when the attendant serves the breakfast that I start counting.

When was my last meal?

I had Zanmai on Thursday, 5 p.m.. Which is 42 hours without food. Amazing, isn't it?

The breakfast is omelette and sausage which is more than that. I haven't had such nicely made egg for a long time. Probably I'm just hungry.

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