Friday, December 25, 2015

Project 55.5 - Part 6

6th December - 11:00 a.m. (PST)
The rain yesterday was crazy! Said the old lady who has breakfast with me.

Mediterranean Omelette with additional bacons, Red Umbrella Cafe. 
The left boy is cute.
The itinerary says to take bus 19 to Stanley Park but I say to walk instead. After a day of walking yesterday I find it less stress to walk. Also I get to pay for the sinful breakfast I have. Good try.

View from the opposite wall. Fairly near to Stanley Park.
Dear FY,

I really want to walk with you.

6th December - 9:40 a.m. (PST)
The comfortable bed turns unpleasant this morning. Yea it's so comfortable.

Damn. 8 in the morning.
Late for 2 hours.

I race down the street without knowledge on how to get the right bus. Where does the bus come from? How far does the bus go? Good thing about Vancouver is all information is available on websites. But there is still tiny bit of me worrying.

On a bright side, the weather is great for morning walk. I'm without raining gear. No rain. No wind. The clouds are not moving while the sun is shy behind them.

From my hostel I walk pass the gay friendly Davie Street to English Bay. Hey! F212 is right here!

Cross and thou shalt be gay.
The beginning of English Bay. Stop complaining and start walking.
Here I am writing by the English Bay. It's a long walk along the sea wall but the walk is satisfying. People cycle and jog. People read on the benches. None of them is seen with gadgets in their hands. Dogs run freely. Ducks are mating. Eagles are feasting on the seagulls. Trees are without leaf. No rubbish. I probably know nothing about nature, but I am definitely closer to it.

Inukshuk at the English Bay sea wall.
Just another Starbucks on the street.
Laughing statues in English Bay.
Heck! The moment I stop writing, the rain has started!

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